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     DAS or Distributed Antenna Systems are solutions to create or improve GSM 2G 3G 4G coverage inside large buildings, shopping malls or underground surfaces like parking garages.

>>The DAS system uses normally small antennas installed throughout the building, that similar to WIFI, provide coverage where needed. These antennas are connected to a central server that grabs a good signal on the roof or from a picocell.

>>Instead of small antennas also leaky feeders can be used, this can be done for tunnels, but run these thick and inflexible cables through buildings is not the best solution.

>>Distributed Antenna Systems can be passive or active with advantages and disadvantages of both solutions. (click here for more info)

>>DAS systems fed by roof antennas are transparent to mobile devices, providing both voice and data services, with no limitation of simultaneous calls, just like any antennas from the operator.

>>The design and installation of DAS requires a lot of experience and excellent knowledge of radio propagation, it needs the use of specific measuring equipment such as GSM simulator and spectrum analyzers. We at ALL COMMUNICATIONS are specialized in this field with hundreds of systems installed since 1994 and we have experience with radio equipment since 1969.

     ALL COMMUNICATIONS NV did develop years ago its own range of low power operator safe GSM signal amplification systems “GSM CONNECT” under the brand name  “HAM international” and is now also producing a DAS monitoring system based on IP allowing management and 24/24 control.

>> indoor GSM coverage in Europe and all over the world is a problem that operators cannot solve in an economical way. The HAM international GSM CONNECT systems combined with a DAS proves most of the time to be the best performing and best price worth solution.

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