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Upgrading a radio network can be so disruptive that utility networks are often in service for 15 to 20 years. But inevitably technological and regulatory advances will drive the decision to replace the network. When that time comes it is important to choose a solution that is designed for smooth migration and continuity of service. The Tait DMR Tier 3 solution provides the markets most comprehensive migration path from analog to digital radio.

Simplest path to narrowbanding

Unlike most other digital radio standards, DMR Tier 3 can fully reuse all pre-existing 12.5kHz analog channels. The DMR mobile radio standard has been designed to provide a 6.25kHz channel equivalence to existing 12.5kHz channels by supporting two voice paths.

Analog equivalent coverage reuses existing towers

Thanks to the DMR’s analogue comparable coverage, new DMR networks can often reuse expensive site infrastructure elements such as combiners, cabling and aerials.

Tait DMR Tier 3 has long range and high transmit powers, providing similar coverage to analog systems. A DMR Tier 3 digital system can be deployed across your existing analog network sites with little or no investment required in new sites.

Support for legacy equipment interfaces

Tait DMR Tier 3 provides support for a wide range of legacy interfaces that can be used to connect existing third party equipment such as dispatch consoles, voice recorders, and applications to the new network. For a staged migration with continuity of service this is a vital aspect of managing cost and risk.

Lower network infrastructure costs

DMR Tier 3 minimizes utility infrastructure costs by providing two logical paths in one physical channel, reducing the need for duplexers and combiners. When compared with 6.25kHz FDMA technology, DMR Tier 3 only requires half of the site infrastructure equipment.

Migration design, deployment and support services

The Tait Services team have supported utilities in their migration planning and execution for 40 years. We have experience in a wide range of migration strategies. Our services team will work with you to define the migration path that is right for your utility.

The DMR Tier 3 digital radio platform from Tait is the no compromise solution for utilities migrating from analog to digital.

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